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Stratford is a leading veterinary products’ supplier in USA. We offer a business solution our entire line of animal health products can be branded for your clinic increasing your profits and improving your bottom line! Our quality line consists of topical dermatology products, dosage form animal health supplements, dental products, otics, and grooming.

What is seborrhea?

The glands of the skin, usually produce sebum. When there is an excessive production of sebum, they appear as flakes that are dry and light-colored. The coat of the pet’s hair is greasy (because sebum is fat) and rancid, emitting a strong odor. Classified as primary seborrhea and secondary seborrhea – primary seborrhea is chronic, while secondary seborrhea clears away once the underlying cause is addressed. Primary seborrhea can only be controlled and not cured.

Treatment for seborrhea:

Applying anti-seborrheic shampoos regularly can help remove the accumulated sebum. This also controls the odor and prevents irritation of the skin. Medicated anti-seborrheic shampoos contain the following ingredients:

  • Salicylic acid

  • Tar

  • Sulfur

  • Propylene glycol

The effects of the shampoo are not immediate, but rather slow. The product’s healing process is altered according to the severity of the cell secretion and its deep penetrating action into the layers of the surface of the skin. In general, the solution may take almost a month or two to actually take effect. When you stop using the shampoo, the condition may also return, say in about a month’s time.

What are medicated shampoos?

If the pet has a flaky, greasy or dry coat of skin – this is most likely seborrhea. When certain cells of the skin, including the sebaceous oil glands and other skin cells, increase the quantity of secretion to more than usual, it could lead to seborrhea.

Using medicated shampoos:

For pets, shampoos are topical solutions that are used to prevent the formation of parasites, infections, and to avoid any irritation to the skin. It also impedes the accumulation of external parasites such as lice, fleas, mites, etc. Fungal, bacterial and yeast infections can also be successfully arrested with the usage of anti-seborrheic medicated shampoos.

If your client’s pet(s) is suffering from seborrhea, order Stratford’s anti-seborrheic shampoo especially prescribed by your clinic.

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